Using PR & Marketing to “Put the Go” In Your Indiegogo GoGoFactor image

With crowdfunding so widely used for projects such as developing new gadgets, funding a nonprofit, or even movie productions, the art of marketing a campaign has become a big business. Popular crowdfunding sites include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, TeeSpring, Patreon and so on. The gogofactor refers to an algorithm that analyzes and chooses which Indiegogo campaigns to promote, much like Google’s search algorithm determines a website’s organic SEO.  It measures a campaign’s activity – including page visitors, donations, number of comments and updates, social sharing, inbound links, press coverage and more. Those with the highest gogofactor can land on the site’s homepage, and in some instances be featured in Indiegogo’s newsletter sent to millions of subscribers. In looking at success stories, we reviewed Solar Roadways Indiegogo ...

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Is your PR prepared for evolving media trends? image

With consumers preferring content that is mobile enabled and provided, at least in part, via videos , newsrooms are again going through major changes, reinventing operations, offerings, products and personnel. Cision’s State of the Media 2015 Report, which surveyed journalists, bloggers and influencers, highlights some of the ways in which media outlets large and small are adapting: Media conglomerates found benefit in separating their broadcast business from print products with the goal of increasing the value of each medium. Newspapers expanded what they define as their ‘digital’ newsrooms. Multimedia is now the name of the game, with reporters and editors ensuring that written content is complemented by video. The emphasis on digital also puts journalists in a position to update their ...

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4 Tips to Consider When Revamping Your Website image

Websites are not ageless and revamping one is no simple task.  Nearly as much time and resources are required to organize and prepare a website overhaul as when it originally launched. Regardless, every company should consider modernizing its website every two years or so to reflect current technologies and capabilities. This helps to ensure your web and mobile presence meet visitors’ expectations, and is essential to helping you stand out among the competition. If you are considering a redesign, here are some noteworthy tips:  Plan for changes in landscape and technology A website is a major investment – both in terms of time and money. To get the most out of your redesign, understand current trends and content management systems, such ...

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Staying Ahead of the New Trends in Social Media image

Technology evolves extremely quickly and people all over the world, including your clients and customers, often change their interests and behaviors faster than you can adjust. What worked last year in social media marketing might not work in 2015. Staying up-to-date in the communications industry isn`t easy, so here are suggestions to help you remain on track. Whether you manage your company’s social media in-house, or engage an outside firm, it’s important to stay on top of available tools and effective trends. This knowledge is essential for implementing a program that engages the right audiences, not to mention creating appropriate content based on the platforms you’re using. Moreover, keeping your thumb on the pulse of trends and available tools in ...

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Wait, Before You Finalize Your Annual PR Plan, Consider This image

Your 2015 planning is well underway as another year comes to a close.  At this juncture you’re likely cross-referencing sales and marketing data with the strategies and tactics you undertook in 2014 to identify the winners and losers in your PR arsenal.  There’s no doubt the metrics are very important, but you must also consider external trends and factors before finalizing next year’s plan, such as:  Viral Video Campaigns are playing a growing role in brand storytelling Winning campaigns, such as those applauded by the 2014 Advertising Age Viral Video Awards, tell brand narratives in a variety of ways. They attract large viewership by being entertaining, funny, informative, inspirational, quirky and more.  Surprisingly this year, they are also longer – some ...

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Why PR didn’t work for you and what to do about it image

The Public Relations industry is infamously misunderstood. Some envision party-planning and swag bags, while others think PR specialists are the ones writing the stories you read in magazines and online. And of course there are those who think PR and advertising are the same. Even more disconcerting, some are under the impression that PR doesn’t add value to a company’s bottom line. In reality, PR is a dynamic discipline with a plethora of diverse daily tasks that include high-level strategy and integration with departments throughout a company. And as for its effectiveness on a company’s success, PR often plays a leading role in forging and recalibrating a brand. As with any business tactic, a failed endeavor can leave a lasting ...

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To all the NGOs out there: Rev up your content to ignite your fundraising goals! image

Donations are the fuel that feeds the efforts a nonprofit undertakes in the drive to achieve its mission. Just like with your car, no matter how great or important your destination, without gas you are not going to get there. So what are the best modes of fuel in the digital world? Certainly imagery is powerful. But don’t dismiss the efficiency of the written word. According to a recent survey, 35% of those who donate online say compelling website content can motivate them to give more than planned. Since donors are likely to respond to personal stories (35%) and statistics (32%), we are sharing a few tips on how you can get your content to attract and keep donors: Make ...

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Strategic Positioning for Startups – Do Not Underestimate its Impact on Success image

In recent years there have been endless media stories about amazing startups. Consumer and business audiences alike have a huge appetite for information about these companies, eager to learn about the next big trend inspired by a startup’s innovations.  In some cases the founders of these companies become celebrities; in extreme cases their stories become box-office hits.  Also, there’s the amazingly popular Shark Tank which gives us a peak at business ideas – some terrific and others quite quirky – and let’s us see if we agree with the experts about who should receive funding and marketing support. Whether checking out the Shark Tank contestants, or stumbling upon a new product, how often do you ask  yourself “That’s a great ...

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Social media has no geographical barriers image

As we continue to embrace (and comprehend) the seemingly endless array of social media platforms, we’re not only figuring out how best to engage with our local communities, but also how to make the most of the global audience and opportunities now at our finger tips. Geography is no longer a barrier.  People can connect from everywhere in the world, as long as they have an online connection. We can now talk to our business partner in China from a coffee-shop in New Jersey, shop for clothes while lying in bed, and even take a leadership course while we’re on vacation. (Although we strongly recommend paying attention to your family and friends rather than a computer screen – but that’s ...

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