Social media has no geographical barriers

As we continue to embrace (and comprehend) the seemingly endless array of social media platforms, we’re not only figuring out how best to engage with our local communities, but also how to make the most of the global audience and opportunities now at our finger tips. Geography is no longer

Social media and teenagers – where to be?

When it comes to teenagers, one thing is for sure: each generation has its own way of doing things! And their ways inevitably set trends, influencing our culture through entertainment, fashion, and as of the last couple of decades, technology. Another constant is the effort of older generations to understand

Don’t You just love Panda? PR’s Growing Role in SEO

Finally, Google admits what we’ve been saying all along: PR improves SEO and drives search results. It’s no longer just speculation, it’s confirmed. Earlier this year, Google received an official patent for “Implied Links” as part of their search algorithm. Translation? Mentions of a brand or company earned through PR

What happened to using press releases for press?

The press release is on life support. Do you agree with this statement? Perhaps it’s a bit severe, but upon reviewing how press releases have changed over the years, this once critical PR tool could be considered in critical condition. The concept of the press release dates back over 100

Experiencing the Newly Designed Twitter

Upon hearing Twitter’s recent news about the roll out of a fresh design and new features to user profile pages, we just had to experience the changes first-hand. With Twitter’s goal to broaden its appeal, the redesign includes larger photos, more user controls, and an obvious resemblance to Facebook! At

7 surprising things you might not think of sharing with your PR firm

Don’t panic. This article does not suggest sharing “dirty laundry” with your PR representatives. But you might be surprised by some of the information you should provide to help achieve maximum value from your communications campaign. In reviewing these suggestions, bear in mind that trust is an essential element in

Does PR Need Rebranding or Do PRPros Need Re-Training?

At the recent New York Times Travel Show, one of the professional development focus areas was travel industry media, blogging and social media.  During the course of the day there were multiple negative statements made about PR by journalists and bloggers, such as: “emailed press releases often arrive addressed to

How your company can be a social media machine

Say your company has 100 employees.  How many brand ambassadors does that give you?  If you thought 100, think again.  According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 75% of your employees who are online are also on social media.  So, based on this, if the people who work at your

With hyperlocal PR, no business is too small to be noticed!

Remember when the “Yellow Pages” were a must have to find a local business?  Or how the daily paper and 6 o’clock news were your primary source for information? Not too long ago marketers relied on print, broadcast and direct mail to get customers’ attention. One-on-one communication between the brand

PR in 2014 – Taking Convergence to the Next Level

“The days go by slowly but years go by quickly.”  This sentiment is truly worth exploring as we usher in the New Year.  The changing calendar also inspires many to consider what’s ahead, which is just what we’re doing with this blog installment. We are VERY excited about the rapidly